solid paper airplanes

solid paper airplanes

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A very cool paper airplane approach, even more surprising is that this paper plane while making it more complex, and it looked like some heavy, but the flight was surprisingly smooth, if you want to continue to increase its own origami modeling of aircraft types and make better combination, this origami aircraft is absolutely not to be missed.

1. Prepare a rectangular piece of paper. This piece of paper folded in two long edges.


2. Folded paper opens, the two corners are folded to the front on the side of middle route of the production location.


3. folding

4.  Two parts of a paper airplane model in to the fold of the Middle intersection oflocation, to fold it.

5. folding

6. In the horizontal position of the dotted line in the figure that need to be folded operations,though that step is not above the wide edges broken off, instead of triangular sectionlater on this folded to the front of the Department.

7. Angle degree was to make after the folding of the stack, that is, links to some of thefollowing edges in the graph is to press.

8. Will on both sides of the part, in accordance with their respective fold above a smallcorner, and then open.

9. This step is a bit difficult, need to be sharp corners on the front of two and a half point,each fold


10. like that.


11.  Collapse opened after a sharp corner in the 8th step, in this step you want to collapse,but folded after the base – end portion to fold into the back of folded after the section ofthe following, just like parts on the right, upon completion.


12. Fold in part erected.


13. Location near paper airplane tip about 2.5cm will stick out of the tip folds.







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