paper airplanes EDGIE-CX

paper airplanes  EDGIE-CX

The EDGIE-CX is a paper plane with a 3-dimensional body and no horizontal fins. This model has a sharp design, and is great for people who want to try out a stylish paper plane. If you adjust the plane's body correctly and launch it with the catapult, it should reach a height of 10 to 20 meters, and glide smoothly through the air. Be sure to carefully read the Flying Safety Precautions before launching your plane, and play with it in a large, open area.


PatternA4 (2Pages) (844KB)                                      download this paper airplanes model

Assembly InstructionsA4 (1Page)          (353KB)               download this paper airplanes model

PatternLTR (2Pages)  (844KB)                              download this paper airplanes model                         

Assembly InstructionsLTR (1Page)      (353KB)              download this paper airplanes model

paper airplanes introductions                                               paper airplanes introductions

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