paper airplanes Biplane (Orange)

paper airplanes Biplane (Orange)

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PatternA4(4Pages)    (378KB) download this paper airplanes model

Assembly InstructionsA4(3Pages)   (225KB)  download this paper airplanes model

PatternLTR(4Pages)    (365KB) download this paper airplanes model

Assembly InstructionsLTR(3Pages)     (225KB)  download this paper airplanes model

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Leading paper aero plane designer Professor Ninomiya has designed and tested his 'White Wings' model. Now, you can print out the completed version on your own printer. Many enthusiasts compete to see whose model can stay airborne the longest. Learn how to adjust your model for the smoothest flight and the best way to launch it high into the sky for exhilarating fun!

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