origami tortoise

origami tortoise

Do you remember the story about race between the hare and the tortoise? now you can learn how to origami an origami tortoise,simple and funny.

1. Fold in half;

2. Fold in half;

3. open the pocket from;

4. Flatten to square;

5. Turn over;

6. Open and flatten the pocket like Fig 3&4;

7. Fold to make creases and fold back;

8. Lift the corner up to make pockets;

9. Flatten the pockets;

10. Cut with a pair of scissors and fold them in the dotted lines;

11. Step fold;

12. Pocket fold in the dotted lines;

13. Fold in the dotted lines;

14. Fold in the dotted lines;

15. Fold in the dotted lines;

16. Trun over;

17. Finished this origami tortoise;

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