origami magic star

origami magic star

The latest origami model that I've been folding (a little obsessively) is the Origami Magic Star that was created by the amazing creators of Oriland.  A link to the YouTube video of their model in action is here.  You can buy the e-book on how to fold the model here.  The creators have a Flickr page with pictures of fan-folded modelshere.

The eBook ORILAND MAGIC STAR is released! 
Please visit the web-presentation with more info:http://www.oriland.com/store/ebooks/oriland_magic_star/main.asp 
Oriland Magic Star, action origami model, created from paper with no glue or cutting. Designed and folded by Yury Shumakov, one of the creators of Oriland. The star can be folded from one sheet, but this colourful edition is folded from 6 strips to create the kaleidoscopic effect while rotating.

Visit Oriland to see What Origami Can Be!

Music by Julian Ray http://www.julianraymusic.com
More Julian Ray Music videos athttp://www.youtube.com/user/JulianRayMusic

Diagrams for this design are published in ORILAND MAGIC STAR eBook!

Check Oriland eBooks at

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