origami inflatable Rudolph

origami inflatable Rudolph

If you like the story of Santa Claus, then it must surely to Santa around David's Deer Rudolph the red nose is very familiar with. The lovely deer are always wandering around top with a red nose, very cute. Daniel Naranjo by means of a handmade origami, rendered with cartoon image of Milu deer Rudolph out, although cannot say that there's a realistic, but still is very cute. You are in the process of making, it is best to choose paper is red on one side, other side color does not matter, as long as the level is red on the line, so that you can finally Rudolph the red nose in the form of very prominent show in front of you.

How to make an origami deer, when christmas come, origami inflatable Rudolph is necessary. 

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designed by Daniel Naranjo

free origami inflatable Rudolph pdf


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