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List of how to make origami cake diagrams. Easy and advanced cake folding instructions and origami cupcake instructions. Learn how to make a paper cake.“Let them eat cake!” This was the infamous line that was rumored to leave Marie-Antoinette’s lips when she was told that her countrymen had no bread to eat and, while they may not be edible, origami paper cakes are a simple and fun way to bring life to an ordinary party idea. Create homemade birthday, wedding or general party invitations using this unique paper folding technique or make unique place cards and decorations for a slew of parties. The best part about this paper cake fold is that it’s versatile to just about any function you’re planning, as almost every party or get-together has cake!

Birthday time or holiday time, we always want to eat the last of the fragrant cakes. But if you do not have cake, only colored paper and how should we be good. Perhaps this collection of origami diagrams of origami cake tutorials can give you some help and inspiration. By square origami can produce a delicious cake. Of course, only part of the cake is not enough, then through some clever origami making, can also produce delicious cream part, now began to try!


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